Optical Design

Our design method considers not only optical function and performance, but also responds to mechanical and production requirements. Real world conditions including prototyping, tooling, polishing, molding, vacuum metalizing, and assembly influence final design.

We design:  Lenses,  Reflectors,  Light Guides & Pipes,  Total Internal Reflectors (TIRs),  Backlights, Other Optical Components

Sources:   LEDs,  Halogen,  HID,  Fluorescent,  Incandescent,  Induction,  Infrared Sources

Materials:  Acrylic,  Polycarbonate,  Silicone,  Glass,  Metal

We design in LucidShape, a simulation software with powerful parametric design tools integrated into the simulation environment, or in Rhino or other CAD software. Final and progress designs can be exchanged through STEP, IGES, or other CAD formats. Design reports can include two-dimensional drawings, specifications, simulated photometric data, and other schematics as required.


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