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For over 30 years Charlevoix Design has provided optical design services to customers in virtually every illuminating marketplace.

We invite you to contact us with your optical design, photometry, & simulation needs.



  • Creativity and experience set Charlevoix Design apart as a dedicated group of optical problem solvers. Not being limited to one industry allows us to borrow technology and methods between lighting marketplaces, often leading to unique and efficient design approaches.

    Through 3D CAD, illustration, and conversation we quickly advance optical concepts and prove feasibility. Attention is given to all mechanical and optical components. As optical concepts take shape, they are evaluated for conformance with project parameters. Targeted design specifications could include SAE, FMVSS, ECE, JIS, NEMA, ITE, FAA, USGC or unique customer requirements. Our direct experience with manufacturing methods, tool shops, and product suppliers allows us to evaluate a wide variety of materials and processes for each design.

  • Our design method considers not only optical function and performance, but also responds to mechanical and production requirements. Real world conditions including prototyping, tooling, polishing, molding, vacuum metalizing, and assembly influence final design.

    We design:  Lenses,  Reflectors,  Light Guides & Pipes,  Total Internal Reflectors (TIRs),  Backlights, Other Optical Components

    Sources:   LEDs,  Halogen,  HID,  Fluorescent,  Incandescent,  Induction,  Infrared Sources

    Materials:  Acrylic,  Polycarbonate,  Silicone,  Glass,  Metal

    We design in LucidShape, a simulation software with powerful parametric design tools integrated into the simulation environment, or in Rhino or other CAD software. Final and progress designs can be exchanged through STEP, IGES, or other CAD formats. Design reports can include two-dimensional drawings, specifications, simulated photometric data, and other schematics as required.


  • Charlevoix Design uses simulation software to evaluate optical performance of a lamp design before incurring prototype & production costs. The software we use not only provides crucial feedback on a design, but also has powerful tools to efficiently create optical components directly in the simulation environment.

    Simulation software:  LucidShape,  TracePro, Visual, Dialux, Maxwell Render

    Real world conditions such as positioning tolerances, source binning, and tooling artifacts, and LED flux binning are taken into account to minimize inaccuracies. Additionally, proper safety factors and margins ensure the best chance of meeting a design’s goals.


  • Charlevoix Design has three photolabs for lamp testing.

    A primary photolab has an automated Type A goniometer with 100′ test tunnel and 25′ beam evaluation screen. This is used for many types of test including automotive exterior.

    A second photolab houses a Type C goniometer  for testing of architectural luminaires. There is an additional Type A goniometer with a 25′ test tunnel and beam evaluation screen as well.

    For smaller parts or specialized tests, Charlevoix Design has a separate photolab with test benches, optical rails, and three dimensional translators.

    Other test equipment includes an integrating sphere, colorimeter, luminance meter, and handheld illuminance meters.

    Photometry results, thermal tests, and other evaluations are summarized in standard or customized reports depending on customer needs.

  • Parts can be produced in small quantities by CNC machining, stereolithogrophy, typical casting, or rapid prototyping methods. Larger quantities of parts are provided using low volume, prototype injection molding. Our expertise in optical products and tools allows us to convey product concept and criteria accurately, assuring prototypes which perform to near production standards.


  • Exterior Automotive

    • Headlights
    • Fog Lamps
    • Daytime Running Lamps
    • Signature Lamps
    • Stop/Tail/Backup
    • License Plate Lamps
    • Turn/Supplemental Turn
    • Clearance Lamps
    • Marker Lamps
    • Trailer Lamps
    • Bus Lights

    Recreational Vehicles

    • Snowmobile Lighting
    • ATV Lighting
    • Utility Vehicle Lighting
    • Motorcycle Lighting
    • Lawn Tractor Lights
    • Snow Thrower Lights


    • Refrigerator Lamps
    • Washer, Dryer Interface Lighting
    • Dishwasher Interface Lighting


    • Work Lights
    • Tractor Headlights
    • Tractor Signal Lamps
    • Implement Indicator Lighting
    • Warning/Hazard Lights


    • Surgical Lamps
    • Dental Lamps
    • Examination Lamps
    • Medical Instrument Lighting


    • Wall Washer
    • High Bay, Low Bay
    • LED & Fluorescent Troffer
    • Recessed Downlights
    • Cabinet Lights
    • Task & Table Lamps
    • Parking Area Lights
    • Wall Packs
    • Wall Sconces
    • Spot Lighting
    • Exit Signs
    • Emergency Egress Lights

    Interior Automotive

    Courtesy/Dome Lamps
    Instrument Panels
    Ambient/Light Pipes
    Visor Lights
    Reading Lamps
    Map Lamps


    Bow & Stern Lights
    Navigation Lights
    Cabin Lighting
    Buoy Beacon Lights


    • Aircraft Landing Lights
    • Precision Approach Path Indicator
    • Beacon Light

    Street Lighting

    IES Type I-V
    Traffic Signals
    Billboard Lighting
    RR Crossing Signal


    • Bollard Lights
    • Pathway Illumination
    • Floodlights, Spotlights


    Police, Fire, EMS Lighting
    Take Down Lights
    Spot Lights
    Area Lights
    Distress/Survivor Lights


  • 3M
    ADAC Automotive Incorporated
    Adventure Lights
    A.L.P. Lighting
    Akron Brass
    Amglo Kemlite Laboratories, Inc.
    AVG Group
    BancTec Inc.
    Battelle Medical Products
    Beam Innovation
    Bell Northern Research Ltd.
    Bentley Motors
    Bombardier Inc.
    Buick Motor Division
    Cadillac Motor Car Division
    Chevrolet Motor Division
    Chrysler Corporation
    Correctional Technologies, Inc.
    Code3 PSE
    Coleman Company
    Cooper Lighting
    Custom Dynamics
    DBM Reflex
    EBW Electronics

    Emrick Plastics
    FKI Automotive Group
    Ford Motor Company
    General Motors Corporation
    Gilbar Engineering
    Glass Alternatives Corporation
    Harley Davidson Motor Company
    Herman Miller
    Hewlett Packard Company
    Honda Motor Company Ltd.
    Hyundai Motor Company
    Intier Automotive Inc.
    Irvin Automotive
    Industrial Lighting Products
    Innotec, Inc.
    Jaguar Cars Inc.
    John Deere Company
    Johnson Controls

    Lexalite International Corporation
    Mack Trucks Inc.
    Market Technologies Inc.
    Mayco International
    McLaren Automotive
    Mercedes Benz AG
    Mito Product Development
    Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
    Nissan Motor Company Ltd.
    Northern American Lighting Inc.
    Northern Telecom
    Oldsmobile Division
    Peterson Manufacturing Company
    Phillips Plastics Corporation
    Philips Medsize
    Pontiac Motor Division
    Price Corporation
    PureEdge Lighting
    Redoe Mold Ltd.

    Regent Lighting Corporation
    Relume Corporation
    Rostra Precision Controls
    Schréder Lighting Group
    Sea Link International
    Sentry Pro
    SoundOff Signal
    Steris Corporation
    Strattec Security Corporation
    Stryker Instruments
    Toyota Motor Corporation
    Union Switch & Signal
    Whirlpool Corporation
    Wipac Group Ltd.
    Windsor Mold

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